Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've moved!!!!

I moved to a new site, you can now find me, HERE.  I am also on Facebook and Twitter.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mediterranean Chicken with Agave Carrots

1-2 pounds chicken breast, pounded to uniform thickness
1-2 pounds whole carrots, washed and not peeled
Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
1 Tablespoon butter

Chicken Directions:
-Preheat your oven to broil (or try this grilled in the summer)
-Drizzle a little olive oil on the chicken breasts
-Sprinkle on the Mediterranean seasoning to your liking and let sit until the oven has preheated
-Place in pan to bake for about 6-7 minutes per side (depending on the thickness for the chicken) or an internal temperature of 165 degrees.
-Spoon on the tomato pesto and cheese, then place in the oven for another 1-2 minutes.

Carrot Directions:
-Fill a large pot with water and heat to a boil
-Add carrots to the boiling water for about 8-10 minutes, depending on the size
-Drain the water from the pot and return to the stove
-Add Agave and butter and mix well

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Ginger Teriyaki Tuna with Wild Rice and Spinach

I am trying to cook and eat more fish.  It seems that I am in the minority in my house in this area, and gender as well :)  My boys decided they wanted perch for dinner on Christmas Eve, but I am not a fan so I decided on Ahi Tuna steaks for the adults.

I have both of the fish that I used in our meal and it served our family of 4 just perfectly.  This recipe is easily adjusted depending on the amount of people you have you have to feed and/or the fish you prefer.

1 package thawed Orca Bay Ocean Perch
1 package thawed Orca Bay Ahi Tuna
1, 10 ounces package of spinach
1, 1 pound package of Lundberg Wild Blend Rice
Char Crust Ginger Teriyaki Dry Rub
Olive Oil
Fresh Gourmet Crispy Onions-Garlic Pepper
Parmesan Cheese

+Place olive oil in a shallow dish large enough to hold your fish
+Add you desired amount of the dry rub.  I used less of the rub on the perch, because I was not sure how the rub tasted and I wanted to err on the side of caution when it came to my boys and the spices on their fish.  Flip after about 30 minutes, for a total marinating time of 1 hour.
+Preheat the oven on broil
+While the fish is in the rub, start the rice and cook per the directions on the back of the package (total time is about 50 minutes).
+Place your fish in a baking pan and place in the oven for about 6 minutes on each side.
+While fish is in the oven wash and pat dry your spinach

+Place about 2 ounces of spinach on each plate
+Place about 1/3-1/2 cup of rice on top of the spinach
+Top the rice with the fish of your choice
+Sprinkle with a bit of the crispy onions and Parmesan cheese

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Outback Bowl Salad

This salad celebrates the great 2012 Outback bowl!!  Because of the nail biting action game I was unable to concentrate on what I was going to make for dinner and needed something quick using what was in my house :)  So we have red raspberries for Georgia and Spinach and feta for the green and white of Michigan State.

feta cheese
chicken breast, cooked and diced-I used a Rotisserie chicken
balsamic vinaigrette dressing-I made my own and the recipe is at the end of the directions

Place spinach in a bowl
Add chicken
Add feta cheese
Add raspberries
Pour on your dressing

Balsamic Dressing (this made about 2 servings):
1/4 cup olive oil
3 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
dash of salt and pepper

Place all ingredients in a measuring cup and whisk together.

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe, no matter if your team won or your team lost!!

Healthy Eatings!!!


PS.  It took longer to type this post than to make this salad, dressing and all, so healthy is fast and easy!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beef Brisket with Polenta, Vegetable Sauce and Goat Cheese

I often find my greatest inspiration for dinner comes when I am not really thing about it, and that was the case with this recipe.  I had a brisket that I wanted to use up, and I had looked up a few recipes, but nothing really struck me and “the” recipe.  So, I put my brisket in the crock pot and just decided to wing it and came up with this yummy dinner!!   Side Note: If you don’t have a CrockPot, you need one! 

This one seems more labor intensive, but it is really quite easy.  To help in the timing of everything I have included a timeline below:
8-10 Hours before serving: Place beef brisket in the CrockPot
1 Hour before serving: Add the carrots and mushrooms
30 Minutes before serving:  Start the Polenta
10-15 minutes before serving:  Start the vegetable sauce

1, 4-5 pound beef brisket, thawed
30 ounces of beef stock
½ cup white wine
Onions, diced, to your liking
Salt and Pepper to your liking
Mushroom-I used a mixture of Shitake, Portabella and Morel
1 pound Carrots, sliced
4 cups Milk-I used 1% milk
2 cups Cornmeal-I used Bob's Red Mill Cornmeal
¼ cup of Butter/Margarine-I use Brummel and Brown
8-10 ounces quartered Tomatoes-I used grape tomatoes and yellow tomatoes
4-6 ounces of Spinach
1 medium Zucchini, diced to your liking.
Xanthan gum/cornstarch/flour-Something to use as a thickening agent for the vegetable sauce.  I use Xanthan Gum. 
2 cups brisket broth, taken right from the CrockPot
Garlic-to your liking
Goat Cheese

Brisket Directions:
-Place your brisket in the Crock Pot on low
-Pour in wine and beef stock, enough to cover all or most of the brisket
-Add salt, pepper, and onions to your liking
-1 hour before serving add carrots and mushrooms

Polenta Directions:
-Place milk and butter in a pot, heat until just before a boil
-Add in the cornmeal, cover and reduce to low heat, stirring occasionally
-After about 5 minutes turn off the heat, keep covered and stir occasionally
-The Polenta will thicken to the consistency of Mashed Potatoes.  If you find they are a bit “runny” add a little more cornmeal.  If it is a bit “stiff” add a little more milk

Vegetable Sauce Directions:
-Place tomatoes and 1 cup of brisket liquid into a pot
-Heat on medium heat until the tomatoes start to soften
-Add zucchini and remaining liquid to the pot until the zucchini starts to soften
-Add the spinach and garlic and continue to cook. 
-Gradually add your thickening agent to the mixture until you get the consistency you desire.

I layer this dish starting with the polenta then the brisket, followed by the veggie sauce, and topping it off with the goat cheese crumbles.  But you can layer it however you would like.  

Healthy Eatings!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adult Grilled Cheese

Sometimes, I am in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich, especially when it is paired with tomato soup.  However, those times don't necessarily happen as often as my boys want grilled cheese sandwiches, especially now that they are on break from school.  The other night, was one of those nights in our house!  So I had to figured out a way to have my grilled cheese "grow up" and become a sandwich worthy of dinnertime, while still appeasing their "need" for grilled cheese.

I use Kretchmar deli cheese and meats because their meats do not have fillers, no MSG and are gluten free.  They are a bit on the pricey side, but my local store has at least one type on sale each week, so I wait to buy them until they are on sale.  

I also use real mayo.  This may not seem like the healthiest option at first glance.  However, if you look at the ingredients of real mayo vs low fat mayo, you will notice a difference (I used the Hellmann's website for my ingredient information).  Real mayo uses 3 ingredients; eggs, oil and vinegar.  This list of ingredients in low fat mayo the list is a lot longer including; water, modified corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, salt, calcium disodium edta, phosphoric acid and more.  Because of this I tend to stay away from the low fat versions and stick to the original.  

Bread-I use Aunt Millie's Multi-Grain Bread
Brummel and Brown-or the margarine/butter your families normally use.
Kretschmar Deli Cheese- I used 1 sliced Colby Jack and 1 slice Pepper Jack
Kretchmar Deli Meat- I used 2 slices of Turkey off the Bone
Guacamole-I use Wholly Guacamole
Zucchini sliced lengthwise to the thickness you desire.
Non-stick spray
Frying pan or Panini pan

Spray your frying pan (I use a Panini pan) with a non-stick spray.
Heat your pan on medium
Place zucchini in the pan to grill, flip after 1-2 minutes, then set aside
Butter your bread and place both slices in the pan.
Place the cheese and turkey on the bread in the pan, leaving them open faced
Mix guacamole and mayo in a bowl, making enough the amount desired
Remove sandwich from the pan and place on a plate
Spread Guacamole Mayo on one half of the sandwich
Place zucchini on top of the Guacamole Mayo, then place the other side of the sandwich on top.

I hope you enjoy this sandwich as much as we did!!

Healthy Eatings,


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to get kids healthy Part 1.1

So, I was planning on doing Part 2 today about incorporating exercise, and that may come later, but I just found a GREAT article about getting kids into the kitchen and I just had to post it!

I can't even summarize my joy over this article and some of the research behind the importance of teaching our kids proper nutrition and encouraging their help in the kitchen.  The findings about how nutrition curriculum and practice can impact children's behavior in the cafeteria alone solidifies the fact that if we teach our kids about their food and why they need to make good choices, they will do it and they will ASK for it! Now, if we could just get Congress to put down their pizza and fries, or as they call them vegetables, and let kids learn and grow with proper nutrition and encourage them maybe we will become a healthier society!

Please share your thoughts!