Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cherry Spinach Salad with Yogurt Dressing

Hello again friends!!  Berry and Farmer's Market season are upon us here in Michigan.  In honor of the fresh cherries that I purchased at our local market, my love of spinach, and it being too hot to cook.  Here is a simple and delicious summer salad recipe that I hope you enjoy!

1-8 oz bag of spinach
1-5 oz container of reduced fat blue cheese, I used about 3-4 oz.
1-5 oz container of vanilla or honey greek yogurt, I used Dannon's Honey Greek Yogurt
1/4 cup of white wine, I used [yellow tail] Reisling
1 cup of fresh cherries, halved and pitted

Rinse Spinach and place in a medium size bowl.  Add the blue cheese and cherries and toss.
Place yogurt in a small bowl.
Add the wine and mix until blended together nicely, then set aside.
You can either mix in the yogurt dressing into the salad until everything is coasted nicely OR serve it on the side, so everyone can add their own.

Healthy Eatings!!!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Steak Oscar Pasta

I few weeks ago I had some leftover steak from a cookout. I am not a huge fan of leftover steak, so I wanted to think of something I could do to use that steak in a whole new way.  While thumbing through a cooking magazine, I found a recipe that I thought was good, and made it a little better.  What I came up with was Steak Oscar Pasta.

8oz pasta-I used Barilla Plus Elbows
Steak-I used an Angus Sirloin, grilled to medium the day before.  
Asparagus, about 1 pound, cut
Green onions, one bunch, chopped
Crab Meat-I used about 6 oz
1/2 cup mayo-I use Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil
1/2 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb Seasoning-I used about a 1/4 tsp-1/2 tsp of seasoning

Cut up the steak and place in large bowl (I kept my steak cold, you can have it warm or cold)
In a separate bowl, mix mayo, sour cream, lemon juice, and parmesan cheese together
Add the seasoning and crab meat, and mix well then set aside
Cook pasta according to the directions.
For the last 2 minutes add the asparagus and green onion to the pasta water.
Drain and place in the large bowl with the steak, add sauce and mix well.

Happy Eatings,


Saturday, July 2, 2011

I have no idea what to make but I know I want grilled chicken!

This statement is exactly what I said to my husband the other night at our boys baseball game.  I knew wanted grilled chicken, but I did not know what to make with it.  So, I decided it would come to me in the store while I was getting chicken.  What I came up with even surprised me at how good it turned out :)

Boneless skinless chicken breast
red peppers-I used Delallo Roasted Red Peppers in Olive Oil with Garlic
Mozzarella-I use Fresh Mozzarella
Guacamole-I used Wholly Guacamole because I have not perfected my own guac recipe yet :)
Seasoning for the chicken-I used McCormick Grill Mates 25% Less Sodium Montreal Chicken Seasoning
Tin Foil

Preheat your grill (or the oven on broil, if you prefer)
Pound the chicken breast to a uniform thickness
Season the chicken to your liking on one side
Place spinach on a piece of tin foil (make sure the tin foil is large enough to become a packet as it will go on the grill)
Cut up the red peppers and the garlic and place on the spinach
Add a small bit of the olive oil from the pepper jar on to the peppers and spinach, then seal up the foil
Place chicken on the grill seasoning side down, if you like you can sprinkle a little more seasoning on the side that is up.  Grill for about 4-5 minutes before flipping, cook the other side for about 4-5 minutes also.
A couple minutes after placing the chicken on the grill, place a piece of tin foil on the grill and then place the spinach pepper packet on that piece of foil. The packet will be on the grill for about 6-8 minutes total, I flip my packet about half way through (this is why I put another piece of foil underneath because I don't want the oil to catch fire).

After removing the chicken and the spinach and pepper packet.  Let them both sit for 1-2 minutes.
Slice your Mozzarella and get your guacamole ready.
Place chicken on your plate, top with the spinach and pepper mixture
Place Mozzarella on top of the spinach and peppers
Finally place a dollop of guac on top of the Mozzarella

I remembered to take a picture and post it...so you can see what my finished product :)

Healthy Eatings,


Friday, July 1, 2011

Turkey Veggie Burger

So I wanted to try to make veggie burgers, but with my own spin of course.  So here is my turkey veggie burger that even my husband will eat :)

2 pounds ground turkey
1-15 oz can black beans, drained
1-15 oz can lima beans, drained
2 portabella mushroom caps
your favorite add-ons/toppings-I like avocado and Havarti cheese
whole wheat buns

Scrape the gills of the mushroom caps with a spoon, then put into the food processor
Add both types of beans into the food processor, then pour the mushroom and bean mixture into a medium sized bowl
Add the ground turkey to the mixture and mix together well.
Heat your pan on medium with a bit of oil (I use soybean oil), just enough to coat the bottom of the pan.
Make patties and place in the heated pan.
After thoroughly heated, place on your bun add your topping and enjoy!

You could always cook these in the oven on broil or the grill.

*One side note.  I did not have the same amount of shrinkage with these burgers that I normally have when making straight Turkey Burgers, so don't make them too large, expecting them to shrink up.

**I planned on freezing these for later, but ended up sharing them with a friend and her family.  I will have to post the freezing instructions the next time I make them.  I plan on freezing them the same way I do traditional hamburgers...in a freezer bag, separating each patty by wax paper and trying to eliminate as much air as possible when sealing the bag.

Happy Eatings,


Portion and recipe size

I should make a special note before we get in to this too far :) You will notice that my recipes tend to make a lot of food.  This is because I make things to either freeze for another meal or for leftovers. I travel for work and want my family to eat healthy  while I am gone, so you will notice that my portions make more than some families will eat (depending on size and appetite) in one meal.

If I freeze any portion of a recipe I will make note of it and any special instructions.

Happy Eatings,


Easy healthy pizza for the whole family

I love to make homemade pizzas with my boys.  I love it because we can all have what we want for pizza, the boys can make their own, it does not take long at all and the Chicken Spinach Pizza is a great alternative if you are like me and don't really care for pizza sauce.

What you will need for all the homemade pizzas:
"crust"-I like to use Naan bread, Flatout Bread, or whole wheat tortillas
cheese-for my boys I let them use string cheese, I use fresh mozzarella
Sauce-I use Ragu Pizza Sauce for my boys pizzas.
Toppings-whatever you like

The directions are the Chicken Pizza listed below.

For the Chicken Spinach Pizza you will need:
fresh uncooked spinach
chicken, grilled/cooked and cut up-you can use chicken breast that you grilled previously, or just for the pizza.  I sometimes use a rotisserie chicken if I am really hungry or in a hurry.
fresh mozzarella cheese
reduced fat feta cheese
olive oil
spices-I prefer Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb or Mrs Dash Italian Medley

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
in a small bowl place a small bit of olive oil and the seasonings you prefer and mix together (you may not use it all)
On a baking sheet or pizza pan place your "crust"
Use a marinade brush, small spatula or spoon to cover the "crust" with a layer of the olive oil mixture.  *Be careful not to add too much or your "crust" will be soggy*
cover the crust with spinach (how much is up to you)
then add you chicken pieces
finally add your cheeses

Place in the oven for about10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the outside of the "crust" is crispy.

Healthy Eatings!